Redwood City
Work Type: Internship

Our Mission: 

KAV focuses on saving lives and reducing brain damage across human endeavors, everywhere and for everyone. We launched our award winning Portola helmet this summer and are looking to grow our team to accelerate our mission.

Your Role: 

Build the most advanced helmets or the infrastructure that enables it using a proprietary tech stack of proprietary polymers, software and hardware. Interns take on the same level or responsibility as full time hires, and work on projects with a well defined scope so they can begin and finish in 10-12 weeks.

What You’ll Be Doing:

We hire the best and brightest and match projects to the intern (vs the other way around). Past projects include:

  1. Developing the printer cluster management system that fabricate our helmets.
  2. Creating a filament width sensor that dynamically adjusts the e-steps on the printers to correct for filament variances.
  3. Improve the impact attenuation of our helmets using our impact rig, a library of materials and creating novel impact structures for the energy management system.
  4. Creating a 3d printed beer tap handle for our kitchen (okay this was a 1 day fun project).

Key Ingredients for Success:

  • A shared passion for our mission and with it the desire to put all that you love into everything that you do at KAV.
  • Initiative to proactively improve on our existing helmets and new helmets.
  • Willingness to dive into complex and novel problems and collaborate with other polymaths to iterate towards the best solution.
  • “A spike” or area of excellence - the team is comprised of a two-time D1 national volleyball champion, an engineer who used laser interferometry to detect corrosion in nuclear reactors, a drummer who plays in a band and a microbrewer.

What You’ll Get: 

  • The fun and excitement of working in a growing company, developing bleeding edge technology. 
  • The freedom to develop amongst an experienced team from Google, Giro-Bell, Apple and Carbon 3D.

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